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Monday, 25 March 2013

On the Buses

Arriva Midlands buses seem devoid of both heating and shock-absorbers. They are not much fun.
A long trip on one is an ordeal. Why are they like this?
The double-deckers are much worse than the single deckers. Neither is anything like as comfortable as an excursion coach. Why not? Are Arriva punishing us for some imagined sin?
Surely they would get more passengers if they offered a pleasanter journey?

The drivers frequently leave the door open for an unnecessarily long time, letting freezing air in.
They rarely keep to time, being either early or late. Early is worse, of course.
It's not unusual to have an empty drink can rolling about noisily on the floor during the entire journey.

First Leicester buses, even though they are double-deckers, are of much higher quality and comfort. Unfortunately they only serve the city, not the county. 

PS (3rd May)
Another unpleasant habit some drivers have is closing the door in the faces of approaching people and moving off. I saw someone heroically preventing this today. He stepped right in front of a moving bus and shouted angrily at the driver to stop! She had little choice, and a whole bunch of people piled on board that she had meant to leave behind. Bravo!

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