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Friday, 29 March 2013

Day of Poetry at Richard Attenborough Centre

Cool Britannia

This spring-time snow
Has a curious glow.
It's unusually bright
For a landscape so white,
Under skies overcast
That threaten more snow.
In spite of this light,
The wind has a bite,
A chill icy blast
'Cross a park that is vast.

I come in from the cold,
Not feeling too bold.
My mind's still outside,
In a space pale and wide.
I find it hard to adjust,
Even though I just must.
The others are jolly;
I can't catch this mood,
My presence seems folly.

I had walked across Victoria Park on the way to the centre, 
and felt like a polar explorer by the time I got there.
I thought that lunch and a beer would sort me out.
Lunch Fear

I'm just standing here,
My mind filled with fear - 
Will I ever get my panini?

I think it's in a kind of griller,
But heating it up seems to take forever.
I missed out on my breakfast,
Feels like I'm doing a real fast.

If I had just been told,
I'd rather have eaten it cold -
I thought it was a baguette.
Upstairs they're about to start,
And I'm not there to play my part.
I may as well sip my beer.

Ah well. Once I had eaten I felt better, and got into the spirit of things.
I went to a lyrics workshop, run by Lady Paradox, who is absolutely 
amazing and gifted.
Both these poems were started off on the day, then tinkered with since.
The odd appearance of this posting is due to bugs in the blogger software. 

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