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Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Coldness of the Heart

People would like to believe
That everyone must have a heart.
To he whose finger grips the trigger,
That kind of thing's a load of fart.

He sees the world a different way,
Easy money is his style.
All he cares is what will pay,
His violence is the proof.

Terror brings him what he wants,
For others' suffering he lacks care.
In spite of all that people wish,
Such cruelty isn't rare.

Some like to say that it's inhuman,
But this is not the truth.
If you know some history,
War's violence gives the proof.

Here we live in a golden age,
When we can dream of peace.
Others are controlled by rage,
Or filled brim full with greed.

For Sade, who has given us such beautiful music and lyrics. Unfortunately this time I can't agree with what she sang.

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