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Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Merry Jape

The DJ's like to have a laugh,
But lying is their actual craft.
They mock and sneer,
And inflict fear;
Their callous fun costs others dear.

Suffering is their favourite joke,
Which frankly makes me want to boke.
They are humourless psychopaths,
Whose cruel, deceitful, pointless gaffs
Don't deserve the light of day.

When their pranking causes death,
Their hubris takes away your breath.
They wriggle and writhe,
And tell more lies
To try to shift the blame away.

A response to current events, the death of a nurse highlighted by the media. Aussie DJ's pulled off a 'prank' by pretending to be the Queen and the Prince of Wales, enquiring after the health of Kate Middleton. The humour escapes me.
Of course the two Aussies are not alone in this disgusting behaviour, as the radio station's owner pointed out as he wriggled and writhed.
A psychopath is unlikely to be able to distinguish between cruelty and humour, as he simply won't understand humour and will have to try to grasp it from the behaviour of others. He sees someone say something nasty and others laugh and applaud. So he will say something even nastier hoping for even more applause, and be baffled when it is not forthcoming.

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