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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

To a Yobbo

Foul cursin, swagg'rin, drunken yob
What a rage roars in yir pate
As ye stagger down the street
Rantin yir sour refrain o hate.

Ye make auld ladies timbers shiver
And yet ye wull repent it never;
Ye reckon this'll mak ye somethin
An itherwise ye'd jist be nothin.

I suppose I've represented this in Lallans because I was thinking of 'To A Haggis' etc when I wrote it, during Burns Week. Originally it was spotted with apostrophes, but I removed most of them, as they are a kind of nod to English pronunciation, which isn't really the idea. I am still unsure of the correctness of this decision.

The yobbos who inspired it stumbled down England's streets, in case you were wondering.

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