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Friday, 1 February 2013


Who now resists authority?
The price is far too high for me.
The young and thoughtless get in trouble,
It seems they've lived in a kind of bubble.
Their idea of resistance is
To mess about and take the piss.
They steal some stuff from High Street shops,
And wonder why their protest flops.

The system strengthens its iron grip,
The will of the people doesn't mean zip.
It's go along to get along,
Even when we smell Le Pong.
We still are ruled by the same old slime,
No matter how deep-dyed in crime.
The money men still set the agenda,
While the young are on an endless bender.

Phone hacking or expenses scandal,
There's nothing the elite can't handle.
They sacrifice some lowly type,
And then the legal slate gets wiped.
The top men never go to gaol,
Even when the system fails.
The poor must always pay the price,
Perhaps because they're far too nice.

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