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Thursday, 16 January 2014

San Fernando Valley

Orange trees gave way to palms.
Straight streets of van Nuys,
Were ruled across the Valley floor.
Once paved with aviation gold,
But not any more.

Porno brought a sleazy wealth,
Hoodlums filling the top shelf
Of your local video store
With tales of sex and gore;
But not any more.

Amateurs give it away,
On the public Internet.
Far too keen to play,
Too dim to ask for pay:
The dough's not in it any more.

So now decline has come to stay,
For the lines of sheds and cheap tract homes
Baking under the desert sun.
A hot bed of misery,
Palm trees full of rats
Scuttling around the American Dream.

The unemployment rate in Van Nuys (zip 91406), CA, is 12.70%, with 
job growth of -0.87%. 
Only one small commercial orange grove still exists. In the '30s, there
were thousands of acres.
An article on the decline of porn in LA county 
On a related topic: The prurience paradox 

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