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Monday, 19 November 2012


Smokin' gies ye cancer,
It won't make ye a dancer.
Ye'll cough and choke,
And maybe boke,
And go tae Hell much faster.

It makes a rotten stink,
Sae foul ye cannae think,
It's CO2
Just goes right through,
And turns yir blood tae blue.

A while since I wrote this, I wasn't sure whether to put up something written in the Lallans, but here we go. Must be feeling bold.

The info about high Co2 levels in smoker's blood comes from a crime novel by Patricia Cornwell, in which autopsy results are discussed, and it is unclear whether the vic was asphyxiated or had just been having a smoke!
Don't remember the name of the book.

'Boke' is the Scots equivalent of 'puke'.

On a related theme: 

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