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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Even in Death, You're Not Safe from the Police

I am dismayed by the latest outbreak of investigation of the long-dead, the case of Cyril Smith. The political motivation of Mr Danczuk (Labour MP for Rochdale) who initiated the affair, is obvious. He is trying, successfully, to deflect attention from more current cases, which fall closer to home. Why are the police pandering to him? It is obvious that it is too late to prosecute Mr Smith, and that he is not in a position to defend himself. At the time of the accusations, they were dismissed as 'uncorroborated'. Why should this conclusion have changed? There is no valid reason. Spurious ones have been invented by the police, which merely illustrate their lack of any genuine concern for justice, and their indifference to the correct use of public funds.

     In another news story, this time from London, we are told that: "The Met chief also told MPs that the investigation into the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal had so far cost about £2m." Another easy smear campaign against the long dead. Surely the Met chief should  be asked to refund the taxpayer the cost of this pointless 'investigation'. Aren't the police complaining that budget cuts are forcing them to reduce essential services?

     Shortly before all this nonsense broke out, the media were highlighting a failure to investigate widespread current child abuse in the North of England. How easily they have allowed themselves to be deflected! It's all very sad.

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