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Friday, 22 November 2013

London Road Girl

Thin brown girl sails up to me,
A look, and 'Business?' enquires she.
On London Road she's working hard,
In front of fancy restaurants
Who've spent so much on fine pretension;
She doesn't seem to see the tension.

I'm taken aback,
Haven't got the knack
Of fending off the likes of her,
In such a posh surrounding.
I mutter 'No',
She makes a show
Of heartfelt disappointment.
Could it be real?
What does she feel?
What's in her water bottle?
I buy a snack,
Start walking back,
Munching on a cheese stick.
She comes alongside,
Matching my stride,
Asking her unending question.
Ten minutes ago
I told her no,
It seems she has forgotten.

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