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Friday, 5 July 2013

Durance Vile

In this world of lies and bull,
Only those deaf-blind are free;
When scoundrels pose and play the fool,
They can neither hear nor see.

Manipulation is the game,
The charlatans love playing at.
We must pretend to think the same
Or they'll hunt us like a rat.

Their ideas are ignorant,
But they do not care at all.
Anyone who contradicts them,
Is thus riding for a fall.

They like to throw their weight about,
While preaching 'gainst intolerance.
So stern opinions they shout out,
Which puts the softies in a trance.

Propaganda is their tool,
To do the public's heads right in.
Using it they'll make a fool
Of all those who listen in.

Absolutist vehemence
Is the nature of their creed.
They brook no sitting on the fence,
Will punish those who pay no heed.

They bully morning, noon and night,
While preaching of equality.
Their condemnations cast a blight
On those who lack modernity.

Claiming to speak for the underdog,
They hound the old and weak in mind;
They manage to live high on the hog,
It seems they always funding find.

We must watch for what we say,
Every minute of every day,
Or they'll sic their pigs on us,
Kick up an unholy fuss.

They take away our dignity,
Riding roughshod over our will,
While claiming it's to set us free
That they spout their canting swill.

If we're not to live as slaves,
We must be free to get away
With conduct unsatisfactory,
In the eyes of stern authority.
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