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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Atheist Militancy: a Scientific Dysfunction

The Dawkester's fans spout their bombast
Even when they've not been asked.
So confident of supremacy,
They give no hint of hesitancy.
They warble on quite waspishly,
And help him ruin harmony.

Their certitude is such
They irk me very much;
They argue using faulty reason,
An imprecision that's displeasing.

Their leader's like a inverse pope
Whose role is to get rid of hope.
He does away with consolation,
Preferring dreadful desperation;
Weakens the comfort of belief,
Replacing it with hopeless grief.
He promotes social isolation
To a fast disintegrating nation.
Then he orders us to be happy.

By professing to be clever,
He pits friends against each other
With his half-baked faulty logic.

An uninformed nation
Gives him an ovation
For disinformation
About science.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely a coincidence.

Atheism has no basis in science at all, contrary to the pronouncements of certain notorious persons. Science is about testable hypotheses concerning observable entities. God is neither well-defined nor an observable, so science has nothing to say about the matter.

The dogma of materialism is no more scientific than any other religious theory. 

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